What is job share?

Job share involves two people working together to fill one full time role.

It is an effective working arrangement that allows people to work flexibly while pursuing a meaningful career.

Why do you need job share?

For employees, job share allows significant career growth while maintaining family, lifestyle or entrepreneurial commitments.

For employers, job share is a proven method to increase staff retention, talent pool, productivity and business continuity.

Over 76% of Australians desire flexible or job share arrangements, but only 2.5% of roles are currently available

Having a well matched job share partner has been identified as the No. 1 success factor

Over 30% enhanced productivity can be gained through job share when managed effectively

what we do


Gemini3 Marketplace

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Gemini3 are working with leading organisations in Australia to design job share opportunities


Gemini3 Enterprise

Technology Solution
Matching platform to connect compatible job share partners powered by insights driven algorithm

Talent Solution
Toolkit for job share design
Frameworks to optimise communication and workflows for job shared roles


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  1. Find your job share match
  2. Access job share positions
  3. Build a business case for job share arrangements


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  1. Create and design job share roles
  2. Find and match job share candidates
  3. Sustain and manage job share effectively

who we are

Sarah Liu

Sarah Liu

Head of Relationships

Named the 2014 Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year at International Stevie Awards and 2015 Women of Style Finalist; Sarah has led an impressive portfolio career as a branding strategist, senior marketer, author, speaker and entrepreneur. Founded her own business at the age of 24, The Dream Collective develops high calibre young professional woman in business. Simultaneously Sarah has led marketing strategies for the world’s top FMCG and cosmetic companies including Revlon, P&G and Coca-Cola. Sarah’s passion is to see more women in leadership and to transform the way we work.

Madel Giles

Madel Giles

Head of Talent Solutions

Madel is a new breed of HR expert striving to provide a world-class experience for employees. Madel has worked in a senior capacity across retail, hospitality, advertising and technology industries. She has managed and led recruitment and selection, performance management, training and employment relations. Known for her exceptional people and commercial skills, Madel has led successful transformation of HR practices. Madel is passionate about coaching, mentoring and workplace diversity and is also a founding member of Razorfish’s Women in Technology Program.

Mariebelle Malo

Mariebelle Malo

Head of Research & Analytics

Mariebelle brings a wealth of knowledge in research & analytics having worked over 12 years in marketing research for major companies like Unilever, Danone and The Nielsen Company. She’s analysed and presented over 500 research projects and managed research database platforms worth over $5m. Strong experience in analysing big data and developing long-term market strategies with iconic brands such as Woolworths. Mariebelle devoted the first years of her career working for the Canadian government and supported over 80 small to medium size companies in developing their marketing and export plans.

Juan Deniz

Juan Deniz

Head of Technology Solutions

Juan is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduate and has 15+ years experience in the technology industry. At both Accenture and Razorfish, Juan has a strong record of delivering multimillion-dollar projects spanning entire development life cycles. He has worked with clients across 3 continents in automotive, FMCG, finance, hospitality, media, NGO and government. His strengths extend to leading teams in all of its flavours. He thrives working in highly collaborative teams, with Agile development principles and transparent atmospheres – all ingredients for the future of work.