Job share means two people sharing one role. The two employees not only share the same performance goals but also the same reporting lines. Job share is a flexible working option which provides great benefits other flexible options do not offer.

Job share is an underutilised arrangement often put in the “too hard basket”. The following five reasons to job share showcase how its benefits easily overcome its barriers.

  1. Offers real flexibility

Job share partners typically work three days each and have one day of hand over. One of the biggest advantages of job share is that the work continues while you are away. Unlike many part time, you do not need to spend additional time catching up when you return to work.

  1. Opens flexible senior roles

The more senior the role, the harder it is to make it part time as the employee needs to be continuously present and often manage full time employees. Job share is the only arrangement allowing senior roles to have full time continuity and offering career development opportunities for employees.

  1. Gives opportunity to learn and share

No other flexible options offer the ability to create a diverse partnership. When companies take the time to match job share partners based on their complementary skills set and diversity of thinking, it allows both employees to learn and grow together by sharing ideas and challenges.

  1. Increases productivity of roles

Job share has been proven to increase the productivity of a role by 30%*. This is possible by matching complementary skills and having two brains thinking differently about the challenges. Job share partners are also more focused and energised at work since they are only there for three days.

  1. Offers continuity and support

Job share partners often develop a great relationship and become very loyal to each other and the company. Partners often support each other during difficult times when the need for flexibility becomes really important.

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*Capability Jane, job share research, 2013