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Pressure is on for large corporations to become more productive and innovative. The solution lies in their workforce and harnessing all forms of diversity from gender, age, background to diversity of thinking.

Collective Genius is an event where business leaders are invited to collaborate and rethink about job share as one innovative solution to create a diverse, productive and flexible workforce. Through interactive sessions facilitated by design thinking expert Gauri Bhalla and private and public sector speakers leading the way in redesigning job share, attendees will learn how to leverage job share to achieve superior business outcomes.


Panel of speakers include

Sarah Liu – Co-Founder Gemini3

Sarah Liu is an entrepreneur and branding specialist.  Her passionate interest in transforming the way we work and enabling individuals to design a multiple career portfolio, led to the creation of Gemini3. Her vision is to see job-sharing normalised not only in Australia, but across the globe.

At the age of 24, she founded The Dream Collective, and has since grown the network across Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. She has also led and delivered marketing strategies for some of the world’s most recognised brands including Revlon, Olay and Coca-Cola.

In 2014, Sarah was awarded the International Stevie Awards for Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year. She is author of two top selling books.

Gauri Bhalla – Founder Curious Collective

As the founder of Curious Collective Gauri is an educator, entrepreneur and social innovation driver. She is a practitioner of lean start up and ‘learn by doing’ methodologies. Her passion is to explore and challenge business models to extract shared value. Gauri started her career as an accountant and marketer in the corporate world with PwC and WorldCom, then found her vocation in education and has worked for universities such as Cambridge and Stanford and the UTS Business School in Sydney as well as designing and running the Experimentation program for CBA.

Gauri is also Faculty at The School of Life, where she teaches “How to Think Like an Entrepreneur”. Gauri finds people irresistibly interesting. She understands the power of continuing education to transform and enable individuals and organisations to fulfill their potential.

Kerry Miller – VP Sales Unilever

Kerry Miller is a highly experienced sales director and corporate leader with a track record of delivering results in complex business environments, in sectors that include fast moving consumer goods and the pharmaceutical industry. He has spent the last 11 years as a sales director in challenging markets including South Africa, Russia, UK, and now in Australia. He has also led major company projects across Africa, Middle East, Europe and Australasia.

Kerry is currently vice president of sales at Unilever and manages a team of over 300 people. For him, delivering great results comes from great customer partnerships, team work and exceptionally well balanced teams. As a leader he is always looking at innovative ways to improve team dynamics, systems, processes and productivity. He is a strong supporter of job share, having seen its impact first hand from his joint head of customer marketing. He believes job share can be a solution to unleash and share talents across the organisation.

Patricia Shaw & Michele Jackson 

Former Job Share CEO Audrey Page

Tricia and Michele have worked as job sharers for over 10 years, covering four roles; most recently as Joint CEO of Audrey Page & Associates. Having attempted to maintain career progression while working part time they realised that senior leadership roles, particularly those with large teams, required full time presence.

Job sharing opened the door to further advancement, maintained flexibility and has delivered personal and business benefits beyond expectation. They recognised one another as natural partners having similar industry experience, complimentary skills and collaborative style. Their success is driven by their strong work ethic, commitment to one another’s success and values alignment.

Lucy Foster & Catherine van der Veen 

Job Share Executive Managers CBA

Lucy and Catherine are job share executive managers at Commonwealth Bank. Together, they cumulate over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to job sharing with Catherine, Lucy has job shared various senior roles with two other partners.