Gemini3 and Jungle Strategies co-hosted a thought provoking hacking job share roundtable with leading organisations Origin, Optus, Microsoft, GHD, Boeing, JLL and Wellbeing Australia. The purpose of this roundtable was to discuss the reality of job share and why accelerating the adoption of this arrangement will be the key to solving flexibility.

Over the next few weeks, we will post short articles sharing key learning and insights discovered during this roundtable. This third article addresses one of the most important barriers of job share which is the additional cost of 0.2 full employee most arrangements provide (most job share arrangements cost organisations 1.2 full time employee) .

Click on this link to download the full version of the <Hacking jobshare playbook>

Addressing the additional cost of job share

Guest speakers Job share CEOs Lucy Foster and Catherine Van der Veen of GenLife were clear in their negotiation, the 0.2 additional cost cannot compare to not just the productivity but even more importantly the quality of outcomes companies get. A lot of that has to do with the pace that they can keep.  As Catherine said:

“You are only going 3 days a week but it’s at a high pace.  Lucy is like my training partner. I go hard my two days on my own as on the third day she will take over the pace.  I have never run and worked harder as I am handing over to my partner. We are accountable to each other and that makes me work really hard”

Simply put 2 people means a 100% increase on the experience and knowledge and double the connections in the industry you get per role. This far outways the 20% additional cost. As Louise Roche mentioned – “you have someone to talk stuff out through and test before you make decisions. It leads to better decision making”

The deal with this objection we suggest:

  1. Start with the simple and symbolic exercise of putting the two CVs side by side.  This clearly shows the massive increase of experience that will be harnessed by the role.
  2. Quantify the outcomes expected and build the business case. Show that more than 1FTE of outcomes can be achieved this way.

Click on this link to download the full version of the <Hacking jobshare playbook>

If you need any support creating a business case for job share contact Juggle Strategies and Gemini3. Juggle Strategies offer training, consulting and design services to help organisations make flexibility just the way they do business, while Gemini3 offers a questionnaire and an enterprise platform to match ideal job share partners. We would be delighted to help you, whatever stage of your journey you may be on.