Gemini3 and Jungle Strategies co-hosted a thought provoking hacking job share roundtable with leading organisations Origin, Optus, Microsoft, GHD, Boeing, JLL and Wellbeing Australia. The purpose of this roundtable was to discuss the reality of job share and why accelerating the adoption of this arrangement will be the key to solving flexibility.

Over the next few weeks, we will post short articles sharing key learning and insights discovered during this roundtable. This second article explains how companies can break the perception job share is too complex for line managers.

Click on this link to download the full version of the <Hacking jobshare playbook>

There is a perceived “complexity” or as Sarah Liu co-founder of Gemini3 mentioned “an assumed level of duplication” of managing the performance of a job share arrangement as you are managing performance of two people, but it is not always real.

The key here is to take a different perspective.  All organisations these days are moving to outcome performance management.  So it should not be a question did two people do their job, but “did the partnership achieve the desired role outcomes”.  If managers go into the performance conversation this way, then it is one conversation with two people who did or did not achieve the jobs KPIs.

As Rowan Arndt Head of Culture at Boeing shared there is sometimes the assumption that managers have to have the answer – they are responsible to make sure their pair works well.  But reality of what he found on the factory floors at Boeing is that people already have the answers, they know how to deal with issues, and leaders just need to ask and listen.

Guest speakers Job share CEOs Lucy Foster and Catherine Van der Veen of Gen Life recommendations are:

  1. Set very clear outcomes that need to be delivered in the role
  2. Make sure they are measurable
  3. Review to see if the partnership achieved those outcomes
  4. Performance discussion is done together
  5. Conversations about style or coaching on behaviour can be done separately but the performance discussion is done together
  6. If you run into issues – just ask the pair how to deal with it and what they think the solution is

Lucy also suggest to simply have a trial period and make sure the team and the job share is working for everyone.

Click on this link to download the full version of the <Hacking jobshare playbook>

If you need any support for your line managers contact Juggle Strategies and Gemini3. Juggle Strategies offer training, consulting and design services to help organisations make flexibility just the way they do business, while Gemini3 offers a questionnaire and an enterprise platform to match ideal job share partners. We would be delighted to help you, whatever stage of your journey you may be on.