Gemini3 and Jungle Strategies co-hosted a thought provoking hacking job share roundtable with leading organisations Origin, Optus, Microsoft, GHD, Boeing, JLL and Wellbeing Australia. The purpose of this roundtable was to discuss the reality of job share and why accelerating the adoption of this arrangement will be the key to solving flexibility.

Over the next few weeks, we will post short articles sharing key learning and insights discovered during this roundtable. This fourth article showcase job share can be the perfect flexible working solution at senior level especially when roles can’t be made part-time.  

Click on this link to download the full version of the <Hacking jobshare playbook>

Proving job share can be made at senior level

Guest speakers Job share CEOs Lucy Foster and Catherine Van der Veen of Gen Life as many other pairs Gemini3 has been coaching have proven otherwise. The reality is job share works better at senior level, as they partners know how to leverage each other’s’ strengths and networks.

Louise Roche, Head of HR at LL also mentions that “Businesses are built on a single point of contact and failure, and job share provides benefits from a business continuity perspective”.  Having two people be in a client facing role means should one leave or be off ill, the client is still looked after.

The overcome this challenges in organisations, we suggest:

  1. Challenge your biases – doctors in hospitals can handover critical information on patients between shifts and keep patient care at a high level, do we really think that client issues can not be handed over.
  2. Talk to your clients first – most of our experience is that clients love having two heads working for them for the price of one – and that as long as handover and consistency is there they are highly supportive of the arrangement.  
  3. Start with Trust -as Rebecca Thomson from Microsoft shared this is their key to any flexibility – “we start from a position of trust and now we do not care where our people work from.  Only then can you change how people feel about different types of flexibility”
  4. Set expectations of quality of handover between pairs
  5. Utilise technology – Catherine and Lucy use OneNote for example, so by Tuesday night when Lucy reads the handover doco she is up to speed on most of the stuff she missed, and a 1 hour handover meeting on Wed morning covers the rest.  This leaves for most of the day for Catherine and Lucy to work together towards their outcomes.

Click on this link to download the full version of the <Hacking jobshare playbook>

If you need any support in creating job share partnerships at senior contact Juggle Strategies and Gemini3. Juggle Strategies offer training, consulting and design services to help organisations make flexibility just the way they do business, while Gemini3 offers a questionnaire and an enterprise platform to match ideal job share partners. We would be delighted to help you, whatever stage of your journey you may be on.