Gemini3 continually meet job share partners to understand their reasons to job share, the challenges they face and the benefits job share provides them. Below are two examples of successful partners who have both decided to job share in order to care for their children.

Kath Slack & Angela Dally – Telstra

Kath and Angela are corporate lawyers at Telstra and have been job sharing for more than eight years. They started in 2005 at Coles Myer, when Angela was returning from maternity leave and Kath, with three young boys, also needed to work part time. They submitted the idea to the company and agreed on a six-month trial. Clients were extremely supportive and the feedback was so positive, Coles Myer confirmed the joint position. Since then, Kath and Angela have moved to Telstra, submitting their resume together, and are now helping more pairs become successful at Telstra14.

In 2014, Telstra announced All Roles Flex, which means flexibility is now considered the starting point for all roles. The aim of the initiative was to adopt a new and disruptive position around mainstreaming flexibility that would amplify productivity benefits, lift engagement, establish a clear market proposition and enable a new way of working, underpinned by technology. The organisation says flexibility can include part-time work, job share, different working hours, or working from different locations, and is practised in different ways across their many types of roles.

Lucy Foster and Cynthia Evan – Commonwealth Bank

Lucy and Cynthia job shared two Program Management roles in CommBank between 2011-2014. Prior to this, they were working part-time in the same team but felt they could be more effective in their roles if they job shared.  They pitched a job share proposal to their manager, detailing how a job share could work on day to day basis and outlining the types of roles they would be interested in based on their career aspirations. The proposal was accepted, and the arrangement was trialled with great success. Job sharing has benefited CommBank and provided both Lucy and Cynthia the opportunity to be present for their children while having a meaningful career with the Bank. Lucy is currently job sharing in a new position within Strategy at CommBank (a move CommBank has supported as part of her career development plan) and Cynthia has just returned from maternity leave.

In 2011, when moving to their new head office, Commonwealth Bank also announced the transition to a more flexible “activity-based working” style which delivers the environment and tools for staff to choose different work styles to suit their work activities. The bank offers a formal flexible work options and leave program. This includes flexible working hours and work locations (including telecommuting), as well as part-time work and job-sharing opportunities, so employees can balance their work and personal needs.