Gemini3 continually meet job share partners to understand their reasons to job share, the challenges they face and the benefits job share provides them. Below is an example of millennials using job share to accommodate their studies.

Sumaya Sava and Helen Giang – Millennial HR Professionals

Sumaya and Helen, 3rd year university students’ job shared as recruitment assessors at Hudson Global in 2007. Prior to the job share role, Sumaya and Helen completed internships Hudson while studying Human Resource Management at university. At the end of their internship, Hudson had only full time positions available so they pitched a job share proposal to their manager, detailing how they could share a full time role while studying. As part of the business case, Sumaya and Helen highlighted the skills and experience they had gained through their internship and how the company could benefit from retaining the training and time invested in them.

Sumaya and Helen’s job share proposal was a success and they shared the job during the final years of university. They ended the job share position following graduation, when Helen decided to take some time off to travel and Sumaya continued with Hudson and enrolled in an Honours program to get some research experience. The job share opportunity gave Helen and Sumaya valuable practical experience to apply what they were studying at university and develop maturity for the workforce. They were able to learn how to manage teamwork and communication effectively to ensure the job share dynamic ran smoothly.

Sumaya and Helen have since established careers within the HR field and still attribute their first job share experience as being one of the first triggers to feeling passionate about the HR industry.