Liz Moore, the early adopter and amplifier…

Liz Moore has job shared for 15 years, working in varous agencies of NSW governerment and has worked with multiple job share partners.  Liz job shared with Jane Mallen-Cooper for 12 years, moving roles together until Jane’s retirement. Liz has also managed a job sahre while she was part of a job share. Since 2019, she job shares the role of Executive Director, Strategy and Policy in the NSW Department of Inustry with a new job share partner Michelle Wood.

Liz’s arrangement is a “classic” or “twin” model, where both partners have joint responsibilities for all parts of the role and work as a team to complete all the duties. Download the full case study to read more about Liz’s experience and how to create a successful job share arrangement.

[download id=”759″ template=”Job share case study Liz Moore”]