Why have one brain when you can have two? The Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH) is making flexibility in the workplace work to its advantage by appointing Dr Sarina Loo and Trent Wallis as executive officers.

Sarina and Trent have complementary strengths and extensive industry networks.

Sarina has worked with the Department of Environment, Land and Water Planning for 10 years and led the Victorian Waterways Management Strategy while Trent has 15 years’ experience with the Mallee and Corangamite catchment management authorities and has recently driven the Rivers 2040 project under the Victorian Government’s Water for Victoria Plan.

VEWH chairperson Denis Flett says they are well suited to working together in a co-management arrangement and the organisation will benefit from their combined skills and experiences.

He says, “Sarina brings strengths in leadership, governance, influence and negotiation. She has a sound conceptual and policy understanding of environmental water management and is a strategic thinker and planner.

“Trent brings very strong technical skills and a breadth of experience in executive leadership, operational environmental water planning, delivery and budget management. He has strategic catchment planning as well as practical governance experience.”

Sarina works Monday to Wednesday and Trent Wednesday to Friday, with Wednesday a critical overlap day to align with internal staff and commission meetings.

This arrangement means people can contact either Sarina or Trent about matters because they share joint authority for the role and operate with a joint email account. Sarina says, “On returning from maternity leave I wanted to work three days a week. It’s fantastic that the VEWH has been innovative and supportive of me working flexibly in a senior role.”

Trent says, “I’m really excited about this co-management role that the VEWH has supported, which provides a great opportunity to build broader experience within the industry, within a flexible workplace environment.”

Sarina and Trent fill in for Beth Ashworth who is on maternity leave for 12 months.

Case study source: http://www.vewh.vic.gov.au/news-and-publications/news/welcoming-two-new-executive-officers