The question “What do you do” has become one of the most difficult questions I ever have to answer these days. And it’s not because I’m not doing anything. It’s because I do too much.

I am a Brand Consultant/Entrepreneur/Author, someone you would call a Slashie – a new generation on the rise that’s not defined by a singular job title, but by our skill sets, interests and passion.

Like a growing number of my peers, I am holding down more than one job – not because I have to, but because I want to. This generation is ditching the 9-5 not because we lack discipline and commitment, but because our ambition and drive urges us to seek more challenges. We are forgoing traditional stable career paths once deemed desirable not because we just want to be different, but because we are determined to forge our own paths and create our own careers.

We are educated, confident and hungry to get ahead. Armed with rapidly advancing technology, we are putting in more hard work, juggling more responsibilities and sometimes enjoying less sleep, but are happily reaping the rewards of being more fulfilled, productive and purposeful. We are equipped with multidisciplinary skills from our corporate and entrepreneurial  work that will see us succeeding in the 21st century.

The cross-fertilization of skills makes us extremely useful and resourceful in the competitive and ever evolving world of business. Employers are looking for top talents that can bring cut-through, entrepreneurial and innovative thinking to progress their business and keep them ahead of the curve. Investors are looking for entrepreneurs with corporate maturity, who can combine brilliant ideas with discipline and experience to deliver commercial results.

There’s a new wave that’s reshaping the workforce.

Ask someone today, “What do you do” and their answer is sure to be, “What do you want done?”