The End of Nine to Five aims to redefine the future of work; it explores the convergence between flexibility, diversity and productivity.

The event will uncover ways in which we can transform the Australian workforce to a more innovative, flexible, entrepreneurial and Whole Brain® economy.

Together with BOSS, Australian Financial Review, Hermmann International Asia, and Ernst & Young, the event will feature international speakers and local content. Ross Dawson, is globally recognised as a leading futurist, entrepreneur, strategy advisor and bestselling author.

The speakers will explore:

  • What are the new norms when 9-5 does not exist anymore?
  • How do you create a flexible workplace where ideas and flow and employees can thrive?
  • How do you structure an effective team using Whole Brain® Thinking? And,
  • How can you work differently to enhance performance?


Ross head shotROSS DAWSON – Futurist

Ross Dawson is globally recognized as a leading business futurist, keynote speaker, and strategy advisor.
He travels the world helping major organizations think about the future, having delivered keynotes and executive workshops in 27 countries across six continents.
Ross is also the founding chairman of the Advanced Human Technologies Group of companies, which spans consulting, publishing, events, apps, creative services and other activities across five companies.
His bestselling books include the acclaimed Living Networks, famous for anticipating the rise of social media, and most recently Getting Results From Crowds.
Ross frequently appears in the media, including on CNN, Bloomberg TV, SkyNews, ABC TV, New York Times, the Today and Sunrise shows, and many other programs.

SL Headshot

SARAH LIU – Co-Founder Gemini3

Sarah Liu is an entrepreneur and branding specialist.  Her passionate interest in transforming the way we work and enabling individuals to design a multiple career portfolio, led to the creation of Gemini3. Her vision is to see job-sharing normalised not only in Australia, but across the globe.

At the age of 24, she founded The Dream Collective, and has since grown the network across Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. She has also led and delivered marketing strategies for some of the world’s most recognised brands including Revlon, Olay and Coca-Cola.

In 2014, Sarah was awarded the International Stevie Awards for Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year. She is author of two top selling books.

jogray-480JOANNE GRAY

Editor, BOSS and Leadership at Australian Financial Review, Co-Chair of Judges, AFR Westpac 100 Women of Influence

Editior, BOSS and Leadership at Australian Financial Review, Co-Chair of Judges, AFR Westpac 100 Women of InfluenceJoanne studied Economics/Law at Sydney University before taking up a role in Johannesburg with Barclays Bank. After returning to Australia she joined the Australian Financial Review and worked in the Federal Press Gallery, then moved to Zurich to join Bloomberg News as Bureau Chief, Switzerland. Upon her return to Australia she rejoined the AFR as Financial Services editor, then was posted to the US as the AFR’s Washington correspondent. When she returned to Australia she had three children, then moved to Hong Kong and became managing editor of Asiamoney. Returning to Australia in 2006 she again returned to the AFR as feature writer and Opinion editor, and completed an MBA at Melbourne Business School. She has been editor of Boss Magazine since January 2013.


LOUISE ROLLAND – Executive Director, EY People Advisory Services

Louise has a background in business administration, labour market policy and planning and strategic talent management.

Since joining EY Advisory Services in 2007, Louise has worked with a number of public and private sector clients on the design of workforce transformation strategies that respond to the rapidly changing business environment, and the flow on effect that these have on people and work. In her previous role as Professor of Work and Ageing at Swinburne University, Louise established a Centre for Research where she led an internationally focused research agenda to investigate the future impact of demographic change and global labour trends on Australian businesses. During this time she investigated the dynamics of labour supply, the implications of the interaction between life and work stage, the relationship between wellbeing at work and productivity and the lag in the alignment of management policy and practice to the digital era.

‘History is littered with failed predictions of the future; it is more sport than science. While we can isolate trends and the likely nature of their impact we inevitably fail to accurately predict both the timing and degree of impact. We are also blind to the disruptors that almost immediately and radically alter our future. Future scenarios do have value but our capacity to respond in time as the future departs from the predictable is central to survival.’

Portfolio/ PR & website use only

MICHEAL MORGAN – Founder & CEO, Herrmann International Australia

Michael is the founder and CEO of Herrmann International Asia. With more than 30 years of experience he is one of the region’s leading experts on Whole Brain® Thinking, innovation and creativity. He presents widely to professional audiences and is the author of Making Innovation Happen and Creating Workforce Innovation: Turning Individual Creativity Into Organizational Innovation.

Michael’s approach to work is to apply the broad concept of innovation and creativity to organisations in ways that are relevant to their bottom line and specific to their particular business model.

Rosemi Fitcher

Rosemi Fitchett – Master Trainer & Psychologist, Herrmann International Asia

Rosemi is an HBDI® Master Trainer and Learning and Development Consultant for Herrmann International Asia. A Registered Psychologist with a background in education and learning design, Rosemi is the Whole Brain® Subject Matter Expert for the Asia region providing expertise to independent consultants and organisations who use Whole Brain® Systems. She is all about maximising the effectiveness of Whole Brain® Thinking in organisations through consulting, workshop facilitation and product development. Rosemi is passionate about organisations who invest in the potential of their people. She believes people are the foundation upon which all organisations are based. More productive people mean more productive workplaces.

Herrmann International Asia is part of the internationally acclaimed global thinking group, Herrmann International, the originators of Whole Brain® Thinking and the HBDI®.

No matter what the future of your work looks like, how it is structured – physically, virtually, technically – in this fast paced, ever changing, hotdesking, collaborative future, harnessing the diversity of thought you have within people and within teams is a critical factor. And that’s what we do. Unless you can crack the thinking code you are going to struggle.



TIM MAHLBERG – Connector / Catalyst / Changemaker

Tim is passionate about inspiring and empowering others to thrive. With a drive for excellence and a commitment to creating meaningful impact, Tim draws on his key character strengths of creativity, gratitude, love of learning, kindness, and sense of purpose to engage with his audience and leave them ready to create change in their lives and the world.

Qualified as an organisational psychologist, Tim is an experienced consultant who has been developing individuals and organisations through their people for more than a decade. Tim has designed and facilitated workshops on leadership, team development and strategy, and provided coaching to individuals and groups from a range of government, corporate and non-profit organisations.

Most recently, Tim was the key person responsible for the establishment, community design and activation of The Village at National Australia Bank, a dynamic & innovative space in Melbourne for NAB’s business customers and community partners to work, learn, connect and be inspired.

Tim has been sought after as a source of inspiration in a range of thought leadership areas including corporate innovation, intrapreneurship, positive psychology, and corporate responsibility, and also brings over 6 years of experience in vocational and career development within the education and non-profit sector, and has a background in retail and hospitality management.

In 2015, Tim has been sponsored by Deloitte Australia to undertake a Doctor of Philosophy (Business) at the University of Sydney Business School, to explore the Future of Work and the Digital Workplace.


Kurt Falkenstein – Founder, General Standards

Kurt Falkenstein is the founder of General Standards, a specialist startup law firm with offices in Australia, the UK and the USA.

Commencing operations in 2013, the Australian firm alone provides tailored legal advice to over 500 startups a year using a small team of lawyers leveraging innovative processes and technology, including job sharing and 30 hour work weeks. The firm will work with over 1,000 startups around the world in 2016.

Kurt has been a lawyer for over ten years, and has been a dedicated advisor, director and investor of startups since 2010.