The Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and Gemini3 , announced a partnership that will see the job share matching platform implemented across the department to further enhance and promote flexible working.

The demand for flexibility has been a long-standing discussion, however job share continues to be an under-utilised practice due to the difficulty in finding a good match between the ‘job share pair’, and an existing stigma that a job share pair will be challenging to manage.

Gemini3’s platform enables individuals who want to work part-time to complete a profile, and matches them to a recommended job share partner using its proprietary algorithm which is based upon extensive research. “It’s like online dating, but for the workplace”, says co-founder Sarah Liu and Mariebelle Malo . “The beauty of the platform is that it not only helps the employee to discover their job share partner in seconds, it takes away the guesswork from employers by ensuring the pairs are well-matched with complementary skillsets and values”.

The technology is a turnkey solution where the discovery and matching process is driven by the employees, turning job share from a laborious and ad-hoc process into a simple and scientific approach.

The decision to implement the technology across the entire department is a proactive approach to facilitate employees who are looking for flexible work arrangement to meet caring responsibilities, explore entrepreneurial pursuits, or allow a smooth transition to retirement.

Christine Wyatt, former acting Deputy Secretary Planning says, “At DELWP we are building a culture where our people can balance their work with the other things in their life they care about. By making flexibility a reality for everyone who wants it. We’re excited to be working with Gemini3 to design job sharing opportunities for our people, we see this is a great opportunity to build greater career opportunities for our people who work part time.”