Job share is when two people share a full time role and is a flexible working arrangement more and more companies are using today. Job share offers you access to meaningful roles and to continue contributing to the workforce, while enjoying the flexibility of a part-time role.

When it comes to transition to retirement, Job share offers many benefits for both individuals and companies. Below are five key reasons to consider job sharing your next role:

  1. Provides access to more part time opportunities

Job share gives you opportunity to apply to full-time roles as a pair. Creating a joint resume can be very powerful influential, as it gives employers more diverse experience than just one candidate.

  1. Offers real flexibility

One of the biggest advantages to job share, is that the work continues while you are away. Unlike many part-time, you do not need to spend additional time catching up when you return to work.

  1. Opens flexible senior roles

The more senior the role, the harder it is to make it part time As the employee needs to be continuously present and often manage full time employees, Job share is the only arrangement allowing senior roles to have full-time continuity.

  1. Retains knowledge for companies

Job share can help in succession planning, as it allows retaining and sharing skills and knowledge of an employee transitioning to retirement. The partners can also be matched to train a less experienced employee.

  1. Increases productivity of roles

Job share has been proven to increase the productivity of a role by 30%[1]. This is possible by matching complementary skills and having two brains collectively focusing on the challenges. Job share partners are also more focused and energised at work since they are only there for three days a week.

What are the next steps for you to job share?

As a candidate, you can apply with a partner to full time roles advertised, or you can find a partner interested in sharing their current role.  Almost like in a personal relationship, finding the right partner with whom you can work well is very important.

Gemini3 can help you find your ideal partner. Register to the site and take the job share test to be matched to potential partners.

[1] JobShareProject Research UK 2011